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One Touch Verio Flex Strips 100 Count (Multicolor)

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Regular price ₹ 2,200.00 Sale price ₹ 1,985 (incl. of all taxes.)

OneTouch Verio Flex Strips 100 Count (Multicolor)

In the dynamic realm of diabetes management, precision, speed, and reliability are paramount. Enter the OneTouch Verio Flex Strips 100 Count, a game-changer boxed up with a century's worth of diabetic strips that are set to redefine your glucose monitoring experience. Let's delve into the intricacies of this remarkable product and understand why it stands out in the crowded market of blood glucose monitoring solutions.

Verified Excellence Over 9 Years

Backed by a legacy of verified results spanning over nine years, as highlighted by Setford et al. in the esteemed Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, the OneTouch Verio Flex Strips have consistently delivered accurate readings even at the extremes of blood glucose levels. This unparalleled reliability makes them a trusted companion for individuals managing diabetes with vigilance.

Minimal Blood, Swift Results

One of the standout features of these strips is their efficiency. Requiring just a tiny drop of blood—merely 0.4μl—and delivering results in a mere 5 seconds, the OneTouch Verio Flex Strips epitomize convenience and speed in blood glucose monitoring. No more long waits or discomfort; just swift and precise results at your fingertips.

Designed for Ease of Use

The simplicity of the OneTouch Verio Flex Strips is a testament to user-friendly design. Exclusively compatible with OneTouch Verio glucometers, these disposable test strips are crafted for hassle-free usage. Their ease of use ensures that monitoring your glucose levels becomes a seamless part of your daily routine.

Join the OneTouch Community

The commitment to community support is evident in the invitation to join the 'OneTouch Community.' Share your experience through demonstration videos in the reviews section, fostering a sense of solidarity among users. Your story might be the encouragement someone else needs on their diabetes management journey.

LifeScan: A Global Leader in Glucose Monitoring

LifeScan, the driving force behind the iconic OneTouch brand, stands tall as a global leader in blood glucose monitoring. With over 20 million individuals worldwide relying on OneTouch products, LifeScan has become synonymous with trust and quality in diabetes management.

The Diabetologists' Choice

In a 2020 survey conducted in India with 150 diabetologists, OneTouch emerged as the No.1 recommended brand. This speaks volumes about the confidence healthcare professionals place in the brand, further solidifying its position as a reliable choice for managing diabetes.

Pain-Free Testing with OneTouch Delica Plus Lancets

Pain-free testing is not just a claim but a reality with OneTouch. The Delica Plus Lancets, rated highly by users, offer a virtually pain-free experience. In a 2018 US survey, 8 out of 10 participants agreed that testing with the OneTouch Delica Plus lancing device was less painful compared to other options.

Precision Meets Comfort

The OneTouch Delica Plus Lancets come with Fine (30G) lancets featuring silicone-coating for smooth gliding into the skin. Changing the lancet for each test ensures lancing remains virtually pain-free, enhancing the overall testing experience for users.

Proven Accuracy and International Standards Compliance

The OneTouch Verio Flex Strips boast nine years of proven accuracy at both low and high blood glucose levels, aligning with the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Meeting the EN ISO 15197:2015 requirements, these strips offer a reliable and accurate in vitro diagnostic test system for self-testing in managing diabetes mellitus.