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Dr Morepen GlucoOne Glucose Monitor Device BG 03 with 25 Strips

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Regular price ₹ 1,164.00 Sale price ₹ 499 (incl. of all taxes.)

Introducing Dr Morepen GlucoOne Glucometer with 25 Strips: Your Path to Healthier Living!

Are you seeking a convenient and reliable way to manage your diabetes effectively? Look no further! Dr Morepen presents the BG-03 Glucometer Kit, a state-of-the-art blood glucose monitor tailored for home use. With its cutting-edge biosensor technology and a set of 25 test strips, this kit is designed to empower you in your diabetes management journey.

Fast, Accurate, and Easy to Use:

Picture this: only 0.5 μL of your blood sample and 5 seconds later, you have your precise blood glucose reading. The Dr Morepen BG-03 Glucometer ensures swift and accurate results, making the process of monitoring your glucose levels a breeze. Its large display screen guarantees easy reading of your tests, allowing you to understand your results without any hassle.

Empowering Your Diabetes Management:

We understand the importance of ease and simplicity in managing diabetes. That’s why this glucometer is equipped with features that matter. Its large memory stores up to 300 test results, each one stamped with the date and time, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your glucose levels over time. Plus, the device is incredibly light at just 45g, making it a portable companion for your everyday life.

Your Safety, Our Priority:

Dr Morepen BG-03 Glucometer Kit is more than just a device; it's your partner in health. Our kit includes a lancing device with 10 lancets, ensuring a painless blood sample collection every time. Worried about battery life? Don’t be! The device’s 3V Lithium Battery (CR2032) offers a remarkable lifespan, providing you with peace of mind when it comes to your health monitoring needs.

Why Choose Dr Morepen BG-03 Glucometer Kit?

  • Accurate & Quick: Get your results in just 5 seconds, allowing you to make timely decisions about your health.
  • Easy-to-Read Display: No more squinting at your results. The large, easy-to-read screen ensures you understand your glucose levels at a glance.
  • Portable & Convenient: With its lightweight design, take it with you wherever you go. Manage your diabetes effectively, whether you’re at home or traveling.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Store up to 300 test results with dates and times, enabling you to track your progress and make informed choices.
  • Pain-Free Testing: Our lancing device and lancets are designed for painless blood sample collection, making your testing experience comfortable.

Act Now for a Healthier Tomorrow!

Don’t wait for your diabetes management to become a challenge. Take charge of your health today with the Dr Morepen BG-03 Glucometer Kit. Accurate, fast, and reliable, it’s your partner in every step towards a healthier, happier life.

Order now and embrace a future of healthier living!