BPL B19 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Fully Automatic BP Checking Machine with USB, LCD Display, 3 Years Warranty

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Regular price ₹ 1,990.00 Sale price ₹ 1,693 (incl. of all taxes.)

Introducing the BPL 120/80 B19: Your Ultimate Companion for Blood Pressure Monitoring

Elevate your health management with the advanced BPL 120/80 B19 fully automatic digital blood pressure monitor. Designed by BPL Medical Technologies, a trusted name in healthcare innovation, this device revolutionizes how you monitor your blood pressure. With a focus on convenience, accuracy, and user-friendly features, it empowers you to take control of your cardiovascular health like never before.

Stay Informed with Arrhythmia Detection

Your heart's rhythm matters. The BPL 120/80 B19 goes beyond traditional monitors, integrating arrhythmia detection technology. This means it not only measures your blood pressure but also keeps a vigilant eye on irregular heartbeats and early-stage arrhythmia. When irregularities are detected, the monitor promptly alerts you. This real-time information empowers you to take proactive steps towards better heart health.

Effortless and Precise Measurements

Gone are the days of complicated blood pressure measurements. The BPL 120/80 B19 operates on the oscillometric principle, ensuring accuracy with a simple press of a button. No more fussing with complex procedures. Experience hassle-free monitoring that you can rely on, each and every time.

Insightful Averages, Dual User Memory

Understanding your blood pressure trends is crucial. The device's average value display simplifies this by presenting the average of your last three readings. Plus, with its dual user memory feature, you and a loved one can seamlessly track your blood pressure separately. A comprehensive record of up to 99 readings per user provides an in-depth insight into your health journey.

Never Miss a Reading with Low Battery Indicator

Accuracy matters, and so does consistency. The BPL 120/80 B19 is equipped with a low battery indicator, ensuring you never miss a reading due to a drained battery. This thoughtful feature guarantees that you always have reliable data at your fingertips.

Empowering Portability and Compatibility

Your health doesn't take a break, and neither should your monitoring. With dual power source options and micro USB compatibility, the BPL 120/80 B19 is your constant companion. Whether at home or on the go, you're always connected to your health data.

Complete Package for Your Convenience

The BPL 120/80 B19 doesn't just stop at accuracy and functionality. It includes a comfortable, latex-free cuff of dimensions 22 x 36 cm, ensuring a snug fit during measurements. The package also includes a carrying pouch for effortless portability and 4 AA batteries to power your monitoring journey from the get-go.

Quality and Assurance

When you choose the BPL 120/80 B19, you're choosing a product backed by a 3-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. This commitment to quality underscores BPL Medical Technologies' dedication to your well-being.

Incorporate the BPL 120/80 B19 into your daily routine and take charge of your cardiovascular health in the most convenient and effective way possible. Elevate your monitoring experience today!

For inquiries, support, and orders, reach out to BPL Medical Technologies:

Toll-Free Number: 1800-4252355


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