BEEME Topical Non-Transferable Delay Spray for Men

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Regular price ₹ 419.00 Sale price ₹ 250 (incl. of all taxes.)
  • Decrease Sensitivity
  • Temporarily desensitizes
  • Won’t Num your partner
  • Clinically Tested
  • Improve your experience within 10-15 minutes
  • No - Side Effects
  • Just 4 Spray
  • Doctors Backed

BEEME Delay Spray for Men

Beeme is specially designed to decrease sensitivity in the applied area. Give the instant result within 10-15 minutes, whenever you need.
Our common ingredient “Lidocaine” is widely used in anesthetics which will decrease sensitivity and improve your performance within a short period of time, No need for preparation.

Product Description

Temporarily desensitizes

It works well with mild PE and temporarily desensitizes the applied area, which will improve your Bed experience.

Quick action

Beeme delay spray works within 10-15 minutes, So, less time to prepare for a much better experience.

Mutual Benefits

Delay spray instantly boosts your performance 4x - 5x times which ensures you both get what you want.

Non - Transferable

Our specially designed formula quickly absorbs under the skin within 10 minutes, you can wipe it off. Spray molecules decrease the sensitivity of your skin and maximize your efficiency without transferring it to your partner.


Beeme completely fits in your pocket and enables you to carry it anywhere you want.

Delivery Package

No name of product or description on the package - So, Delivery in full discreetly.


Unlike other sprays, Our spray won’t cause irritation or harmful effects on your skin.

How does it work?

When Delay Spray for Men is applied to the skin, Lidocaine's fast-action molecule absorbs under the skin and reduces sensitivity. Unlike other sprays, Beeme delay spray required a minimal amount of dose to improve your experience.

“Completely Safe - No side effects”

How to Use?
Shake your spray well
Apply it in a circular motion
Wipe it off after 10 minutes

“100% Privacy - Your identity remains Safe”

Benefits of Beeme

Fast absorption
Easy to use
No-side effects
Safe for both sides
Temporarily desensitizes
Boost 4x times

“What are you waiting for? Order Now on Medbay”


You can apply 10 - 15 minutes before your bedtime.

It will take 10 - 15 minutes to decrease sensitivity on the applied area.

Usually, 4 - 5 times is enough. If you apply more than that, It will not improve your performance. But, You will get the same results.

No, This Delay Spray for Men completely safe and secure to apply. It won’t cause any irritation on the skin too.

Usually, It takes 4 - 7 working days after we receive your order. We will provide a delivery tracking ID to track your order.

The product name or description isn't present in your package. Your Identity is 100% safe with us.