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Venus V4200 Particulate Respirator Mask With Valve

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  • Brand: Venus
  • Color: White
  • Material: Composite Layer of Non-woven fabric filter media
  • Filter Class: N95
  • Size: 5 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Grey
  • With Valve
  • Pack of 5

Venus V4200 Particulate Respirator Mask With Valve

  • This gorgeous mask is made with a wide surface area and a comfortable Breathing with valve design. It comes in a stylish silver color and is available through our online store for a reasonable price. So don't wait any longer, order your own beautiful and functional mask today!
  • This mask is perfect for people who want to breathe better and stay protected from dust and mist. The wide coverage and comfortable breathing with valve makes it one of the most breathable masks on the market today. The perfect mask for people with sensitive nostrils or who suffer from asthma or respiratory problems. With its fixed nose clip, it keeps your face protected from any accidental movement or contact. The Micro Fine Filter technology preserves your cabin air quality while protecting against RSPM upto 0.3 microns. So, if you're looking for a breathable mask that's both comfortable and effective, look no further than the Venus mask !
  • This comfortable mask has a wide coverage and longer lasting effect than most masks. Venus V4200 also has a built-in valve for easier breathing and an added comfort feature that prevents any dust, mist or germs from entering the mask's intake loop. It's the perfect tool for keeping your air fresh and fresh!
  • Look stylish and stay clean with the Venus Mask. This comfortable mask is perfect for commuting, hiking, or running errands. It has a wider coverage and better comfort than its competitors, making it the best choice for all-day protection. The breathable membrane has a design perfect for cold weather, while the filtration technology keeps dust and other impurities out of your lungs.
  • Venus V4200 is a perfect choice for those who want to breathe easier and avoid dust and dirt from entering their lungs. Its wide-breasted design and comfort features ensure maximum protection against dust, mist and germs. The filtration technology ensures the best filtration while the superior microfine filter technology reduces the temperature inside the respirator by 10 F.
  • Comfortness: Wider coverage and comfortable breathing with valve
  • Trust worthy with maximum protection against dust, mist and germs
  • V-4200N95 reduces the temperature inside the respirator by 10 F
  • Superior Micro Fine Filter technology which protects against RSPM upto 0.3micron
  • V-4200N95 V has fixed nose clip and thus no metal exposure or loose parts

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