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Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7121J

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  • Brand: Omron
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Item Weight: 570 Grams
  • Model Name: HEM 7121J
  • Included Components: Device, Cuff, 4 Batteries, User Manual
  • Use for: Hand
  • Display Type: Big
  • color: White
  • 3 years brand warranty
  • Cuff Wrapping user manual for Most Accurate Measurement

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7121J

  • The Omron BP monitor HEM-7121J is a compact monitoring device that works on the oscillometric principle.
  • It provides meticulous measurements and accurate results.
  • A blood pressure gauge, also commonly called a sphygmomanometer, is a fully automatic BP checking machine that shows precise results.
  • This device comes with a cuff that is wrapped around the upper arm and is inflated to stop the blood flow in your artery.
  • It helps to maintain your cardiovascular health.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7121J

  • You can instantly see the results and save your results by connecting through Omron Connect.
  • As it is handy and comfortable, it would be the best product to carry for checking BP in people.
  • The major advantages of the monitor are that it keeps records of the latest test results and it works with IntelliSense technology.
  • It operates with easy one-touch operation.
  • Scan and connect your Omron device with an iPhone or Android.
  • Even a slight body movement is detected using intellisense technology.
  • By checking your BP in the comfort of our own home, we save time and money. A quick drop frees the valve for the next quick measurement.
  • This device is guaranteed to meet the quality standards.

How to Use

  • Step 1: Wrap the cuff properly and tightly around your upper arm to decrease the blood flow in your artery.
  • Step 2: Take both the measurements on the same day ( within 1 hour before and after bedtime).
  • Step 3: Relax and sit straight in a chair to obtain accurate results.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7121J

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7121J benefits and features

Cuff-wrapping guide

  • The monitor blinks if the BP reading is outside the standard range.

Body movement detection

  • The monitor detects errors due to body movement.

Irregular heartbeat detection

  • It detects any irregular heartbeat due to any movement.

Intellisense technology

  • Patented intellisense technology is used

Hypertension indicator

  • Flickers if the BP reading is not in the standard range.

Last memory

  • Acquire the last reading.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7121J


  • With the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7121J, you can regularly monitor your blood pressure readings from the comfort of your own home. Utilising the enhanced intellisense technology , this monitor makes it easy and comfortable to cuff inflation without the requirement of pre-setting the pressure or re-inflation.You can also access your latest BP reading to stay on top of your heart health.


It is highly recommended to measure your BP within one hour of waking up and one hour before going to bed.
All Omron BP devices are proven clinically accurate.

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