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Dispovan Pen Needle 6mm Insulin Syringes For Diabetics. (40 Units)

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  • Brand: DISPO VAN
  • Model Number: 31G
  • Product Dimensions: 0.25mm X 6mm
  • Included Components: DISPOVAN Insulin Syringes

Dispovan Pen Needle

  • This syringes for diabetic patients are perfect for single use. They come in a syringe-free and sterile interior. The small needle is extremely fine and has a very short length. With six 1mm needles, you can easily inject a single dose of insulin. The syringe is also very small, so it is perfect for small injections. The Syringe has a convenient storage location, making it perfect for storing tiny medicines. Finally, the dispto van glide syringe is easy to use and requires no special skills.
  • This syringe is made of sterile interior and is less painful than other syringes. It provides sterile interiors.
  • For Diabetics is more affordable than the rest of the syringes in this list. The syringes are perfectly made of plastic, and have a comfortable design. They have a short needle that is easy to use, and make for quick injections. The syringes are also sterile, meaning that they are safe for patients to use. This syringe is perfect for patients who are just beginning to learn about diabetes and are looking for a quick and easy way to control their blood sugar.
  • It comes with a sterile exterior and no pain or dead space, making them ideal for testing and administering insulin. It comes with a small sterile insulator, making them perfect for small de-nozzles. The small sterile insulator reduces hand and finger soreness while reducing blood loss. The syringes come in a 40 unit supply so you can have enough syringes to test a large number of patients.
  • Looking for a needle that is both pain and easy to use? Look no further than the DISPO VAN Glide Syringes. These syringes are perfect for patients who are quickly approaching hypoglycemia. They have a sterile interior and less pain than other syringes. They have a short needle life cycle and are highly recommended for use in single use procedures.
  • Sterile interior and less pain syringes
  • Short needle disposable syringes
  • Used for Clinical purpose
  • Super fine insulin syringe for single use only
  • Less pain and low dead space
  • Dispovan Pen Needle Provides sterile interiors

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